Office of the Queens Borough President, New York City Local Government
   Queens Borough President, Helen M. Marshall  


Housing in Queens
Briarwood, Queens
Briarwood, Queens

Queens Borough President is committed to the twin goals of creating new affordable housing and to preserving and enhancing the existing housing stock.

The Director of Housing
is responsible for advising the Borough President and her Executive Staff on matters related to housing. The Director of Housing serves as the Borough President's liaison to City, State and Federal authorities who make or influence housing policy; initiates and/or coordinates emerging housing policy and legislation and serves as the Borough's central community resource for housing-related information.

The Cooperative and Condominium Task Force
The Cooperative and Condominium Task Force whose mission is to stabilize the borough’s co-ops and condominiums units. Meets on demand.

The Tenants Task Force
The Tenants Task Force’s mission is to coordinate and disseminate information to tenant associations and tenant leaders. Meets quarterly.

Illegal Apartment Conversion Task Force
The Illegal Apartment Conversion Task Force whose mission is to monitor the effectiveness of the existing laws, provide a forum for concerns to be aired and disseminate information to members. Meets on demand. The Borough President has published a guide to help homeowners, landlords and tenants understand their rights.
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The office's functions include:

Planning and coordinating the development and preservation of housing
Identifying sites, creating and/or tailoring programs to facilitate the development of affordable housing
Working with developers, government agencies, non-profit organizations and the community-based housing service providers to develop new programs.
Resolving complex problems for constituents.
Assisting tenants and tenant associations obtain necessary services/repairs.
Organizing informational workshops on illegal conversions and home/co-op ownership.
Assisting financially troubled co-ops with work-outs.
Preserving and enhancing public housing


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