“We Must Move Forth on an Aggressive Timeline to Meet City’s Immediate, Desperate Needs”

QUEENS, NY – Borough President Melinda Katz stated the following in response to questions about the New York Court of Appeals’ ruling today on the redevelopment of Willets Point:

“Willets Point has been a topic of discussion for decades, and it’s now been nearly 10 years since the Urban Renewal Plan to redevelop this 61-acre parcel of untapped land. Queens needs predictability and action in this highly coveted area of Willets Point. The City has immediate, desperate needs for affordable housing units and good jobs. In addition to the urban renewal plan proposals for hotels, soccer and hockey stadiums to attract even more visitors and generate economic activity and jobs have been abundant. We look forward to working together with the current administration and the community on identifying what’s in the best interest of the borough, and on an aggressive timeline to clean up the area and its nearby waterways. Willets Point redevelopment must meet the City’s critical needs and ever-growing demand as was promised long ago.”