QUEENS, NY – Borough President Melinda Katz, who was on-site over the weekend and received briefings by lawyers about the status of previously detained individuals, stated the following about the situation at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in Queens:

“I commend the attorneys and the Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit who spent the past three days in JFK Terminals 1, 4 and 7 identifying families of the detainees and challenging the President’s Executive Order through lawsuits and restraining orders for individuals who had all the necessary documentation to enter the United States. I was in close contact throughout the past three days with Congressional colleagues to assist the lawyers and families in any way possible.  Attorneys are now preparing to defend Legal Permanent Residents in affected countries who are being barred from boarding planes to JFK.  Anyone impacted by the Executive Order who is in need of legal assistance can contact a network of volunteer immigration attorneys by emailing [email protected]. This network includes lawyers from the American Immigration Lawyers Association and many nonprofit organizations.


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