Tuesday, March 7 at 9:30 AM

(March 6, 2023 at 2pm)

QUEENS, NY –The Queens Borough Cabinet, chaired by Queens Borough President Donovan Richards Jr., will hold a virtual meeting on Tuesday, March 7, at 9:30 AM.

The meeting will feature a presentation from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) regarding an air quality monitoring effort it is undertaking in communities throughout the state. The effort is intended to help the DEC develop strategies to reduce air pollution.

The meeting will also include an update from the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) about the implementation of Local Law 97, a city law adopted in 2019 that will require most buildings over 25,000 square feet to meet new energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions limits by 2024.

Finally, a representative from the New York City Accelerator Program will discuss how the program provides resources, training, and one-on-one expert guidance to help building owners and industry professionals improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions from buildings.

This meeting will be conducted virtually with Borough Cabinet members participating via videoconference. The meeting will also be live-streamed to the public on the Borough President’s website at www.queensbp.org.

WHAT:          Queens Borough Cabinet to Hear Presentations on Air Monitoring Initiative and on Efforts to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

WHERE:       Public live stream at www.queensbp.org

WHEN:         Tuesday, March 7, 2023 at 9:30 AM

WHO:            DONOVAN RICHARDS JR., Queens Borough President

                        Members of the QUEENS BOROUGH CABINET

ADRIANA ESPINOZA, Deputy Commissioner of Equity and Justice, DEC

MARGARET LaFARR Assistant Director, Division of Air Resources, DEC

HOLLY SAVOIA, Director, Sustainability Enforcement, DOB

SIMON MUGO, Deputy Program Manager, NYC Accelerator Program

About the Borough Cabinet

The Queens Borough Cabinet is chaired by the Borough President under the New York City Charter and comprised of the District Managers of each Community Board in the Borough and representatives from city agencies.  It focuses on city service delivery and agency responsiveness across the borough and hears presentations on these issues from City officials and others.

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