When it comes to Civic Engagement, Queens Borough President Donovan Richards Jr. has an open-door policy. Transparency, communication, and follow-up are key elements that this department sticks by, and for Queens residents that want to make their voice heard and get involved, this department will ensure that you are able to have a seat at the table.

Read on to see what Civic Engagement looks like at Queens Borough Hall.

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Timothy Chubinidze
Director of Civic Engagement
[email protected]

The mission of Queens Borough President Donovan Richards’ Queens Civic Engagement Committee is to inform and educate community residents, organizations and stakeholders regarding the most pressing civic issues facing our Queens communities. The members of the Civic Engagement Committee will be provided with the resources needed to ensure that our various Queens communities are civically involved and are not left out of the conversation.

Click here to complete the brief application form if you would like to join the Queens Civic Engagement Committee.

Civics in the Classroom

Now more than ever, our younger generation of Queens residents value the importance and impact that being civically involved can have on ensuring the equitable distribution of resources and accurate political representation for underserved communities. The Civics in the Classroom initiative brings Queens Borough Hall directly to our public-school classrooms. This is done through interactive presentations and quizzes that focus on the roles of local and citywide elected official offices, to candid discussions on how to address quality-of-life issues through city government and the significance that being civically involved can have on our youth.

If you would like for us to visit your school, please email: [email protected].

Civic Association Roundtables

Civic Associations are the eyes and ears of a community. No one knows their community better than the local Civic Association. On a consistent basis, Borough President Richards convenes Civic Association leaders throughout the Borough to ensure that constant dialogue and capacity building between the Queens Borough President’s Office and Civic Associations are taking place. The objective of these roundtables is to assist Civic Associations with any issues that they are facing in their community and to follow up on any quality-of-life issues that need to be addressed.


كيفية التسجيل للتصويت

Are you registered to vote? Click here to register to vote or check your eligibility to vote. You can register to vote online, in-person, or by mail. For more information about deadlines and voter requirements by state, click here.

ما هو التصويت في الاختيار المرتبة؟

في استفتاء عام 2019، اجتاز 74٪ من الناخبين في مدينة نيويورك التصويت في المرتبة الاختيار كوسيلة جديدة للتصويت في مدينة نيويورك. يمكن للناخبين ترتيب ما يصل إلى خمسة مرشحين حسب الأفضلية، بدلا من الإدلاء بأصواتهم لمرشح واحد فقط. سيتم استخدام التصويت في الاختيار المرتب في الانتخابات الخاصة والانتخابات التمهيدية لمكاتب مدينة نيويورك فقط.

To learn more about how the Rank Choice Voting process works, view this how-to educational video from the New York City Board of Elections in the following languages. A transcript of the video is available in the following languages: বাংলা (Bangla), 普通話 (Chinese), 한국어 (Korean) and Español (Spanish).

Click here for a more comprehensive breakdown of the Rank Choice Voting process and Frequently Asked Questions.

2020 Census and Local Representation

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