The advisory body is accepting applicants through Thursday, February 23

(January 23, 2023 at 10:30am)

QUEENS, NY – To build a borough truly rooted in equity, it must be built with our youngest residents at the forefront. To ensure the youth of Queens have a seat at the table as we chart our path forward as a borough, Queens Borough President Donovan Richards Jr. announced today the launch of his Youth and Young Adult Council, which will introduce Queens’ youngest and fiercest community advocates to both community service and community organizing.

“Our youth are the leaders of tomorrow, and as such they deserve a seat at the table as well as opportunities to be civically engaged,” said Borough President RICHARDS. “I’m thrilled to engage our youngest community members in envisioning Queens’ future, and working together to create the blueprints to make that a reality. I encourage youth and young adults from all corners of Queens to apply. Your borough needs you!”

The Youth and Young Adult Council — the first of its kind at Queens Borough Hall — will serve as a voice for Queens’ youngest residents, and will be reflective of the diversity found in The World’s Borough. Members of the advisory body will advocate concerns through means of community engagement, advocacy and more. Applications to serve on the Council are now being accepted, and the deadline to apply is Thursday, February 23. Those interested in applying can do so here.

The Council will include two cohorts. The first cohort will be made up of high school representatives between the ages of 13 and 17, while the second cohort will be made up of young adults between the ages of 18 and 25.

The second cohort will feature advisors, who are expected to have at least five years of experience working with youth populations, preferably in Queens, and must be dedicated to uplifting our youth. Advisors will be tasked with empowering participants to make independent decisions and will utilize their networks to introduce and connect Council members with people and organizations that will further expand their vision and borough-wide initiatives.

The cohorts will meet monthly, and each cohort will develop proposals to make Queens a more inclusive borough for our youth. Each cohort will then present those proposals to the Borough President.

Members of the Council will serve for one year. Applications will be open to new members at the end of each school year, but current members will not have to reapply until their term is up.

A full list of requirements to apply can be found here, while those interested in serving as an advisor can apply here.

For more information, email Ludy Thenor, Director of Youth and Young Adult Services at Queens Borough Hall, at [email protected] or [email protected].

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