Critical Funding to Improve Centers of Lifelong Learning

QUEENS, NY –Borough President Melinda Katz announced a $13 million allocation of her FY 2017 discretionary capital funds to pay for important expansions, renovations and enhancements at Queens Library branches located throughout the borough.

“Queens Library’s locations serve as centers of lifelong learning and enrichment,’ said Borough President KATZ. “These are substantial investments for not only renovations, expansions and enhancements, but also for the families of Queens. These funds are designed to help Queens Library continue to be a first-class library system of learning, literacy and culture.”

“Borough President Katz has put time, energy and resources into insuring a strong library system to serve the educational and informational needs of the borough,” said DENNIS M. WALCOTT, Queens Library President and CEO. “This capital funding will help us move key library projects forward, so the community has expanded, updated facilities for reading and learning. Queens Library joins the community in thanking the Borough President for her support.”

Borough President Katz’s FY 2017 allocation of $13 million is based on needs assessments and requests by the Queens Library, and breaks down as follows:

The $13 million allocation for FY 2017 comes on top of Borough President Katz’s $14 million capital allocation issued in FY 2016, which is listed at


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