User-friendly Informational Resource for Borough’s Diverse Immigrant Communities

QUEENS, NY – Borough President Melinda Katz, in honor of “New York City Immigrant Heritage Week,” today announced the release of the Queens’ “Immigration Task Force Directory of Services”, which was prepared by the Task Force in conjunction with her Office of Immigrant and Intercultural Affairs.

“The character of the great Borough of Queens has always been shaped by the tremendous economic, social, cultural and civic contributions from immigrants hailing from all over the world,” Borough President Katz said. “The members of my Immigration Task Force advocate on behalf of tens of thousands of immigrants each year. I am grateful for their tireless work and for their efforts in creating the Directory. Queens is committed to enhancing access to services that are available to all New Yorkers and their families, and I encourage everyone to utilize these resources.”

The Directory contains listings for 65 non-profit organizations and agencies that provide assistance to immigrants living in Queens. It features listings for organizations represented on Borough President Katz’s Immigration Task Force, a network of reputable social service providers and government agencies committed to promoting immigrant integration in Queens and New York City. It also includes listings for all the elected officials representing Queens.

Each immigrant services organization entry in the Directory provides contact information for the organization along with types of programs and services offered by the organization and a list of the languages spoken by its staff.

Organizations in the Directory can be searched by languages spoken in the Directory’s index and by organization name in the table of contents.

The organizations and agencies listed in the Directory offer a wide variety of programs and services, including ESL and civics classes, citizenship assistance and legal advice, public benefits and health insurance access, employment training and job placement, youth activities and senior centers, and immigrant rights and civic engagement projects.

The Borough President’s Directory of Immigrant Services is available online at Printed copies may be obtained by calling Borough President Melinda Katz’s office at (718) 286-2741 or by writing the office at 120-55 Queens Boulevard, Kew Gardens, NY 11424.

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