Queens Borough President Melinda Katz today announced she will be hosting two informational seminars in early March that will help Queens residents learn more about the benefits of the Affordable Care Act (the federal health care reform law commonly known as “ObamaCare”) and address their concerns about the Act. A multi-lingual group of health care “navigators” will also be present at the seminars to help attendees sign up for health coverage under the Act before a looming March 31 deadline.

     The Borough President is convening the seminars at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center and Elmhurst Hospital Center as part of an effort to sign up as many Queens residents as possible under the Affordable Care Act (or “ACA” for short) prior to the end of the ACA’s current open enrollment period on March 31.  Anyone who does not sign up for ACA coverage by March 31 will most likely have to wait until November to get another opportunity to sign up for coverage.

    “The Affordable Care Act has succeeded in putting quality and affordable health insurance within reach of the tens thousands of Queens residents and the millions of  people nationwide who had previously been unable to obtain health care coverage,” Borough President Katz said.  “But the only way to enjoy the Act’s benefits is to sign up for coverage. I am therefore holding these upcoming seminars to help our residents learn more about the Act and to help them secure coverage before the current open enrollment period ends on March 31.”

    A highlight of the seminars will be the assistance offered by multi-lingual health care navigators who will use their laptops to help attendees register for coverage online. Navigators fluent in Spanish, Chinese and several South Asian languages will be available during the seminars.

     Light refreshments will also be served during the events.

The Borough President’s ACA seminars will be held at the following dates, times and locations.

        “All Queens residents deserve quality and affordable health care coverage and I want to help as many of our residents as possible obtain such coverage before the March 31 deadline,” Katz said.  “I don’t want to let any confusion or concerns about the Affordable Care Act deter people from taking advantage of its many benefits.”

      New York State residents who have not already done so may sign up for coverage under the ACA by visiting the state’s health care exchange at nystateofhealth.ny.gov.