More than 33 tons of cat, dog food to be distributed by community organizations

(June 15, 2020 at 12:56pm)

QUEENS, NY – Acting Queens Borough President Sharon Lee today announced a partnership with the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) to donate pet food to 14 local non-profits and community-based organizations for distribution amongst Queens families in need of assistance feeding their four-legged loved ones. 

The ASPCA’s generous donation of 2,520 combined bags of cat and dog food, totaling 66,900 pounds, aims to address the tide of food insecurity for families with pets — already one of the most commonly requested items at food pantries — due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Pets are deeply loved in the Borough of Families, but for those struggling to make ends meet, providing for furry family members can be even more challenging,” said Borough President LEE. “Queens is deeply grateful to the ASPCA for this timely donation in our all-encompassing push to stem the tide of food insecurity.”

“Considering the vital role pets play in our lives — especially in times of uncertainty and stress — it’s extremely important to safeguard their health and welfare as much as we possibly can,” said ASPCA Senior Director of NYC Legislation MICHELLE VILLAGOMEZ. “We are grateful to be partnering with Borough President Lee to help make sure Queens’ pet owners can access the resources they need to continue caring for their pets.”

Across multiple days beginning Thursday, June 18, Borough President Lee and the ASPCA will facilitate the distribution of more than 1,250 bags each of donated cat and dog food across the following local organizations with operational food pantries, including:

Both the donated bags cat and dog food come in two separate sizes  — 15- and 31-pound bags for cats and 28- and 40-pound bags for dogs.

RIVER FUND will receive the donations from the ASPCA and warehouse the food at its storage facility and distribute the bags to the participating organizations out of its Richmond Hill headquarters beginning June 18.

“RIVER FUND is pleased to support Acting Queens Borough President Lee and the ASPCA in this important initiative, said RIVER FUND Chief Production Officer DR. OTTO STARZMANN. “After baby food and diapers, pet food is the third most requested item among our client base of more than 15,000 families. Especially seniors who live alone, whose only form of companionship is their pets, will be extremely grateful for this support. Thank you.”

“The Hungry Monk Rescue Truck is pleased to support our favorite companions by providing them with nutritious pet meals,” said Hungry Monk Rescue Truck Founder FATHER MIKE LOPEZ. “We are grateful to the ASPCA for this collaboration and hope to continue to feed all those in need.”

“Many New Yorkers during this COVID-19 pandemic found it very challenging to feed not only their children but their pet animals.  I can imagine how many had to alter their animal food diet to save money,” said Harding Ford Vision, Inc. Executive Director LANEDA MONDESIR. “Providing food for animals will make an immediate impact on the families, the pet will stay in their loving home and out of the shelters.”

“Just this week the American Heart Association released data about the health benefits of owning a pet during quarantine,” said Commonpoint Queens CEO DANIELLE ELLMAN. “We couldn’t be more grateful to be able to support these important members of our families thanks to the generous partnership of the ASPCA and Borough President Sharon Lee.”

“I am an avid animal lover. I have a poodle named Puddles, an African grey named Max and a beautiful array of fish in my aquarium, so it’s natural for me to express my support to Queens Borough President Lee and the ASPCA in this important initiative to be a blessing to those families who have loving pets,” said New Greater Bethel Ministries PASTOR JOHN H. BOYD. “Everybody has to eat in the family!”

“On behalf of Redfern residents and our community partners, we appreciate all of the support and we hope this relationship continues,” said NYCHA Redfern Houses Residents Association President MAGGIE LARKINS. “Thank you so much.”

“During the pandemic, a lot of seniors, children and families’ ‘best friends’ and companions were their best and in some cases only way of comfort, companionships and love,” said La Jornada Executive Director PEDRO RODRIGUEZ. “We salute the ASPCA and the Queens Borough President’s Office for donating very important food to the mascots and best friends of the poor and the emigrants in Queens.”

“The First Baptist Church of Corona joins in with other community-based organizations in our partnership with ASPCA and Queens Borough President’s Office to provide much-needed pet food for senior adults that are financially challenged,” said First Baptist Church of Corona Pastor REV. PATRICK YOUNG. “These pets are important family members and companions to so many seniors who are alone and dealing with the stress cause by COVID-19. We are honored to share in this most important outreach of love.”

“The Latin American Intercultural Alliance is honored to continue our partnership with the Office of Queens Borough President to provide pet food security to pet owners affected by COVID-19,” said Latin American Intercultural Alliance Chairperson REV. RUBEN CRUZ. “Gracias!”

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