Dept. of Social Services to brief Borough Cabinet on recent influx of asylum seekers

(November 14, 2022 at 1:15pm)

QUEENS, NY – The Queens Borough Board, chaired by Borough President Donovan Richards Jr., will hold a virtual meeting tonight, November 14, at 5:30pm. The Queens Borough Cabinet, also chaired by Borough President Richards, will convene virtually tomorrow, November 15, at 9:30am.

Ahead of the upcoming winter season, the Queens Borough Board will hear presentations from the NYC Department of Sanitation (DSNY) on how it conducts snow removal operations and from NYC Emergency Management (NYCEM) on how it prepares for and responds to snow emergencies.

Meanwhile, the Queens Borough Cabinet will hear an update from the NYC Department of Social Services (DSS) on the recent influx of asylum seekers the city has experienced in recent months, as well as the subsequent opening of emergency shelters in Queens.

Both meetings will be conducted virtually with Borough Board and Borough Cabinet members, respectively, participating via videoconference. The meetings will be live streamed on the Borough President’s YouTube channel and on the homepage of the Borough President’s website at

퀸즈 버러 보드

WHAT:         Queens Borough Board to Hear from DSNY, NYCEM on Winter Weather Plans

WHEN:         Monday, November 14 at 5:30pm

WHERE:       Public live stream at

WHO: 도노반 리차즈 주니어, 퀸즈 버러 회장

                        JOSEPH OTTOMANELLI, DSNY Community Coordinator

                        IRA TANNENBAUM, NYCEM Acting Deputy Commissioner

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WHAT:         Queens Borough Cabinet to Hear from DSS on Asylum Seekers

WHEN:         Tuesday, November 15 at 9:30am

WHERE:       Public live stream at

WHO: 도노반 리차즈 주니어, 퀸즈 버러 회장

HAILEY NOLASCO, DSS Assistant Deputy Commissioner of Intergovernmental and Legislative Affairs

                        SAMUEL CLARKE, DSS Queens Borough Representative

                        DONGFANG ZHOA, DSS Queens Borough Representative

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