Deadline: Friday, August 7

(July 17, 2020 at 10:30am)

QUEENS, NY – Acting Queens Borough President Sharon Lee is now accepting applications from dedicated and education-minded individuals interested in filling one of six vacant positions on the borough’s Community Education Councils (CECs) in time for the upcoming school year. CECs are responsible for advising and commenting on educational policies and providing input to the chancellor and the Panel for Educational Policy.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply disrupted the education and lives of our kids,” said Borough President LEE.  “The CECs are designed to be a formal voice of community input and insights into shaping the New York City schools system. On this critical road of rebuild and recovery for our future, such voices are needed now more than ever.”

CECs are part of the New York City school governance structure, with each CEC overseeing the elementary and middle schools within its respective community school district. There are seven community school districts in Queens.

The CEC membership application form is available online at www.queensbp.org/education and should be returned by email to [email protected]. Friday, August 7, 2020 is the deadline to apply for one of the currently vacant, unpaid positions:

CEC powers and duties are spelled out in NYS Education Law Section 2590-e and Section 2590-b. For more information, visit: www.schools.nyc.gov/get-involved/families/education-councils

The duties of CEC members include attending monthly public meetings and visiting schools to see what educational needs those schools have. CECs also review their district’s educational programs and assess their effect on student achievement, approve zoning lines, provide input to the chancellor and the Panel for Educational Policy on district concerns, and submit a capital plan to the chancellor after holding public hearings on the district’s capital needs.

The Borough President’s appointees to the CECs must each be a New York City resident and either live, own or operate a business within the community school district they seek to serve.

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