Trauma informed sessions to begin September 19, held monthly through November

(September 13, 2022 at 10:15am)

QUEENS, NY – As part of his ongoing work to empower Queens residents of all genders, identities and identifications through his Gender Justice Initiative, Queens Borough President Donovan Richards will launch “Keeping Each Other Safe,” a series of trauma-informed self-defense workshops, on Monday, September 19 at 6pm at Queens Borough Hall.

The series will then continue on October 17 and November 21, also at Queens Borough Hall at 6pm.

“I’m glad to bring Queens community members this series of trauma-informed self-defense trainings, which I hope will help our neighbors feel prepared in the event of an attack,” said Borough President RICHARDS. “We understand personal and public safety are complex and multi-layered issues, but having a holistic outlook on what we can and should do in the face of danger is of great importance. That’s why I’m grateful to partner with Artemis Self Defense, who create a safe and enlightening experience for everyone who wishes to learn how to best protect themselves.”

Providing the three public self-defense trainings will be Artemis Self Defense, an organization that provides a full spectrum of self-defense and empowerment training for individuals and communities at high risk for violence due to personal and systemic oppression and marginalization.

The overall goal of the “Keeping Each Other Safe: A Self-Defense Workshop Series” is to provide attendees of all sizes and strength levels with the skills necessary to detect and identify danger, how to disarm, diffuse and escape; and how to protect themselves and others from physical attack. Understanding the ever-present threats of street harassment, assault and intimate partner attacks, the trainings will also deconstruct the fight, flight, freeze and fawn responses and ensure that individuals leave feeling more empowered and enabled to protect themselves.

Attendees are encouraged to wear sport attire, preferably with long sleeves. Masks must be worn at Queens Borough Hall and attendees must provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19.

Members of the public who wish to attend any of the “Keeping Each Other Safe: A Self-Defense Workshop Series” can RSVP at www.queensbp.org/rsvp.

Members of the media who wish to attend are asked to RSVP by emailing [email protected] or calling 718-286-2640.

WHAT:         Keeping Each Other Safe: A Self-Defense Workshop Series

WHEN:         Monday, September 19 at 6pm (Additional workshops to be held on

October 17 and November 21)

WHERE:       Helen Marshall Cultural Center at Queens Borough Hall, 120-55

Queens Blvd. in Kew Gardens

WHO:            DONOVAN RICHARDS JR., Queens Borough President

                        Artemis Self Defense

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