(June 17, 2021 at 4pm)

QUEENS, NY – Queens Borough President Donovan Richards Jr. today announced he formed an inter-agency task force to address quality-of-life issues in the College Point neighborhood of Queens.

The College Point Task Force includes elected officials, agency officials, and community leaders, and they will collectively develop and implement solutions to the issues in College Point. These issues are generally related to an ongoing sewer construction project that has caused a number of difficulties for neighborhood residents and business owners, including excessive noise, the loss of parking space, and hazardous road conditions.

“The current sewer construction project in College Point has caused a great deal of hardship for local residents and businesses, taking about five years to complete and causing many disruptions caused by this seemingly endless work,” said Borough President RICHARDS. “Our new College Point Task Force will meet regularly to address the issues facing the community, ensuring a reliable channel of communication between City officials and the neighborhood’s residents and homeowners. We will work together to fix the quality-of-life issues in the area and to bring this sewer project to an environmentally conscious, speedy, and successful conclusion.”

“The biggest complaint that College Point residents have constantly brought up for the last several years is lack of communication with the government agencies.” said State Senator JOHN C. LIU. “As it is crucial for the residents to be connected with the City agencies, the newly launched College Point Task Force will play a role to bridge residents and city agencies, not to mention bringing feasible results. Many thanks to Queens Borough President Richards for launching this Task Force that has been long overdue.”

“College Point’s failing infrastructure has been neglected for far too long, and I thank Borough President Richards for organizing a task force focused on achieving tangible results in our community,” said Assemblymember DANIEL ROSENTHAL “All New Yorkers have a right to safe, well-preserved streets and curbs, and I look forward to working with Queens Borough Hall and College Point leaders in ensuring that our infrastructure is not only fixed, but our community is moving towards permanent resolutions that foster small businesses and promote a greater quality of life.”

“For far too long, College Point has not received the proper attention it deserves, said City Councilmember PAUL A. VALLONE. “We already have more than our fair share of municipal facilities that have been dumped here with almost no consideration for the community. Each year, we call upon the City to complete total reconstruction of College Point roadways, only to have it fall on deaf ears. I applaud Borough President Richards for undertaking this endeavor as the City must prioritize Northeast Queens.”

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