Wednesday, May 13 at 2:00 PM

(May 8, 2020 at 10:04am)

QUEENS, NY – Acting Queens Borough President Sharon Lee, the Child Center for New York, Council for Airport Opportunity, Queens Center for Progress, U.S. Census Bureau, Watch Guard 24/7 and Workforce1 today announced a second “Virtual Queens Jobs Recruitment Fair” to connect Queens job seekers to employment opportunities in essential industries.

The ongoing hiring push comes as national unemployment spiked to 14.7 percent in April, the highest since the Great Depression, and the nation lost a record 20.5 million jobs in the same month. Filed unemployment insurance claims continue to hit record highs during the COVID-19 pandemic at a toll of more than 1.8 million in New York State and more than 33 million filed nationwide since March.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is devastating the workforce and the economy,” said Borough President LEE. “In this race against time, our trajectory depends entirely on not just what we do, but when we do it. Jobs in essential industries are still available and hiring. Queens will continue making every attempt to connect job seekers to employers and recruiters, as many and as often as possible. It may seem like a mere drop in an ocean, but that drop can make all the difference for entire families and communities.”

The next Virtual Queens Jobs Recruitment Fair will be held on Wednesday, May 13, 2020 from 2:00PM to 3:00PM using the video conferencing application Zoom. Prospective applicants will hear brief presentations from employers and recruiters seeking to fill hundreds of positions in a variety of essential service fields including healthcare, transportation, retail, security and more.

A live stream of the Jobs Recruitment Fair will be available at www.queensbp.org/recruitmentfair. Prospective applicants interested in participating via Zoom must RSVP by Tuesday, May 12 at 2:00 PM at www.queensbp.org/rsvp.

“The Census is a national event, but to be successful, it must be conducted at the local level,” said U.S. Census Bureau New York Region Census Center Regional Director JEFF T. BEHLER. “This starts with hiring people to work within their own communities. We understand that many individuals’ work status and availability has since changed, so we want to remind everyone that you can still apply to work for the 2020 Census at 2020census.gov/jobs.”

“The Council for Airport Opportunity understands that getting people back to work is more important than ever before,” said Council for Airport Opportunity Executive Director ANDREW CAMPBELL. “We continue to work creatively to connect job seekers to employment opportunities at our local airports during these turbulent times. CAO is thrilled to partner with the Borough President Lee and her team to help fulfill our mission.”

“Queens Centers for Progress is not offering just another job, but a meaningful career working with special individuals to be supported by people who want to make a difference,” said Queens Centers for Progress Human Resources Assistant Director MICHELLE JENKINS.

“We are delighted to partner with Borough President Lee to promote jobs with Watch Guard 24/7,” said Watch Guard 24/7 CEO JOHN RAFFERTY. “Qualified individuals have an opportunity to have a rewarding career with benefits and growth opportunities. We are an essential business providing service throughout these difficult times and beyond.”

The first Virtual Queens Jobs Recruitment Fair, hosted by Borough President Lee on April 22, saw more than 200 prospective applicants participate via Zoom, while the live stream of the event attracted more than 320 additional viewers. The video of the April 22 Jobs Recruitment Fair can found here.


WHAT: Virtual Queens Jobs Recruitment Fair

WHEN: Wednesday, May 13, 2020 from 2:00 – 3:00 PM

WHERE: Live stream www.queensbp.org/recruitmentfair
Prospective applicants interested in participating via Zoom, RSVP by 2pm on May 12 via www.queensbp.org/RSVP

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