“The City’s tax lien sale unfortunately hits homeowners and other property owners in some of our most vulnerable neighborhoods the hardest,” said Borough President Katz.  “Third parties who buy these liens from the City oftentimes add substantial interest charges and fees on top of the unpaid debts and can ultimately foreclose on a property if its debt remains unpaid.  I urge you to protect your home, protect your family, and protect your property. Because your stability is integral to the neighborhood’s stability and we want to help. You do have options before the City sells your lien to private debt collectors, so take this opportunity to act before the May 14th deadline.”

Unpaid taxes and other bills owed to the City may be sold at the City’s next Lien Sale to private debt collectors, which in turn can trigger foreclosure proceedings. Property owners on the 2015 Lien Sale list, however, may be able to avoid this if they act by May 14, 2015.

Borough President Katz’s Tax Lien Assistance Workshop for Homeowners and Property Owner
Monday May 4th, 2015 from 4:00 – 8:00pm
Room 213 in Queens Borough Hall, 120-55 Queens Boulevard in Kew Gardens

The May 4th workshop will offer property owners one-on-one customer service from representatives of the Department of Finance (DoF) or Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Property owners have several options that, if done before May 14, 2015, could remove them from the 2015 Lien Sale list: 1) apply for an exemption, 2) enter into an installment payment plan with the City, or 3) pay off the debts in-full.

Drop-ins welcome and will be served on a first-come, first-serve basis. Owners should bring copies of the overdue bill(s) in question as well as any letters received from the City regarding any overdue bills. Owners can check the status of their property at http://www1.nyc.gov/site/finance/taxes/property-lien-sales.page.