QUEENS, NY – Borough President Melinda Katz is accepting applications from qualified and community-minded individuals who would like to serve on one of the borough’s 14 Community Boards, which play an important advisory role in considering land use and zoning matters. Community Boards also contribute to public dialogue by holding hearings and issuing recommendations about the city budget, municipal service delivery and many other matters that impact their communities. Each Board holds a monthly full membership meeting, and applicants are encouraged to attend at least two such monthly meetings to understand how the Boards function.

“Government works better when we have active and engaged members from whom to draw expansive knowledge and extensive life experiences,” said Borough President KATZ. “Serving on a Community Board is a significant commitment, demanding in both time and energy. Civic-minded residents interested in playing a larger role in the governance of the city, helping to ensure the delivery of municipal services and serving Queens families and neighborhoods are encouraged to apply.”

The Community Board membership application is available online at www.queensbp.org/community-boards. The application deadline for both new applicants and current Community Board members is January 12, 2018. For the upcoming round of appointments, the two-year term of service will begin on April 1, 2018. Further information may be obtained by calling Borough President Katz’s office at 718.286.2900.

There are 14 Community Boards in Queens and a total of 59 citywide. All Queens Community Board members are appointed by Borough President Katz, pursuant to the City Charter, with half of her appointees nominated by the City Councilmembers representing their respective Community Board Districts. Each Board has up to 50 unsalaried members, with each member serving a two-year term. All Community Board members who wish to continue serving on a Board are required to re-apply at the conclusion of their two-year term, and are subject to review and reconsideration.

All Community Board Districts in Queens are made up of multiple City Council Districts. In the past four years, Borough President Katz has steadily moved toward making each Community Board more fairly representative of all the City Council Districts therein.

Despite the important role Community Boards play in city government, Community Board members are not compensated for their service.

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