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Kahleel Bragg
Director, Community Boards
(718) 286-2974
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The Borough Board is chaired by the Borough President under the New York City Charter and comprised of the borough’s City Council members and the chairperson of each Community Board in the borough. The Board focuses on issues dealing with land use, development, public policy, budget, and other important matters with potential borough-wide implications. The Board hears presentations from City officials and others and, as part of the land use review process, is sometimes called upon to vote on land use questions that impact more than one Community Board District.

Public meetings of the Queens Borough Board begin at 5:30pm unless otherwise noted. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, these public meetings will be conducted virtually until further notice. Each meeting will be live streamed on this web page. Dates below are subject to change.


  • Monday, January 8
  • Monday, February 12
  • Monday, March 4
  • Monday, April 8
  • Monday, May 6
  • Monday, June 10
  • Monday, July 1 (Joint meeting with Borough Cabinet)
  • Monday, September 9
  • Monday, October 7
  • Monday, November 18
  • Monday, December 9


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Public meetings of the Queens Borough Cabinet begin at 9:30am unless otherwise noted. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, these public meetings will be conducted virtually until further notice. Each meeting will be live streamed on this web page. Dates below are subject to change.


  • Tuesday, January 9
  • Tuesday, February 13
  • Tuesday, March 5
  • Tuesday, April 9
  • Tuesday, May 7
  • Tuesday, June 11
  • Monday, July 1 (Joint meeting with Borough Board)
  • Tuesday, September 10
  • Tuesday, October 8
  • Tuesday, November 19
  • Tuesday, December 10


100th Precinct

Neighborhoods: Arverne, Belle Harbor, Breezy Point, Broad Channel, Neponsit, Rockaway Park, Rockaway Beach and Roxbury
Precinct: 92-24 Rockaway Beach Boulevard
Phone: 718-318-4200
Meetings: Fourth Wednesday at 7:30pm
President: Kathy Heavey

101st Precinct

Neighborhoods: Bayswater, Far Rockaway
Precinct: 16-12 Mott Avenue
Phone: 718-868-3400
Meetings: Third Wednesday at 6pm
President: Arlene Cauley

102nd Precinct

Neighborhoods: Kew Gardens, Richmond Hill, Woodhaven, Ozone Park
Precinct: 87-34 118th Street
Phone: 718-805-3200
Meetings: Third Tuesday at 7pm
President: Simcha Waisman

103rd Precinct

Neighborhoods: Jamaica, Hollis
Precinct: 168-02 P.O Edward Byrne Ave.
Phone: 718-657-8181
Meetings: Second Tuesday at 7pm
President: Bishop Erskine Williams

104th Precinct

Neighborhoods: Ridgewood, Glendale, Middle Village, Maspeth
Precinct: 64-2 Catalpa Avenue
Phone: 718-386-3004
Meetings: Third Tuesday at 7:30pm
President: Len Santoro

105th Precinct

Neighborhoods: Queens Village, Cambria Heights, Laurelton, Rosedale, Springfield Gardens, Bellerose, Glen Oaks, New Hyde Park and Floral Park
Precinct: 92-08 222nd Street
Phone: 718-776-9090
Meetings: Final Wednesday at 7pm
President: Rose Funderburk

106th Precinct

Neighborhoods: Ozone Park, South Ozone Park, Lindenwood, Howard Beach, Old Howard Beach
Precinct: 103-53 101st Street
Phone: 718-845-2211
Meetings: Second Wednesday at 8pm
President: Frank Dardani

107th Precinct

Neighborhoods: Fresh Meadows, Hilltop Village, Cunningham Heights
Precinct: 71-01 Parsons Boulevard
Phone: 718-969-5100
Meetings: Fourth Tuesday at 8pm
President: Carolann Foley

108th Precinct

Neighborhoods: Long Island City, Sunnyside and Woodside
Precinct: 5-47 50th Avenue
Phone: 718-784-5411
Meetings: Final Tuesday at 7pm
President: Diane Ballek

109th Precinct

Neighborhoods: Flushing, College Point, Malba, Whitestone, East Flushing, Queensboro Hill, Beechhurst, Bay Terrace
Precinct: 37-05 Union Street
Phone: 718-321-2250
Meetings: Second Wednesday at 7:30pm
President: Jerry Filippidis

110th Precinct

Neighborhoods: Corona, Elmhurst, LeFrak City
Precinct: 94-41 43rd Avenue
Phone: 718-476-9311
Meetings: Second Thursday at 7pm
President: Albert Perna

111th Precinct

Neighborhoods: Bayside, Douglaston, Little Neck, Auburndale, Hollis Hills, Fresh Meadows
Precinct: 45-06 215th Street
Phone: 718-279-5200
Meetings: First Tuesday at 7:30pm
President: Jack Fried

112th Precinct

Neighborhoods: Rego Park, Forest Hills
Precinct: 68-40 Austin Street
Phone: 718-520-9311
Meetings: Third Wednesday at 7:30pm
President: Heidi Chain

113th Precinct

Neighborhoods: Jamaica, St. Albans, Hollis, Springfield Gardens, South Ozone Park, South Jamaica, Locust Manor, Addisleigh Park
Precinct: 167-02 Baisley Boulevard
Phone: 718-712-7733
Meetings: Third Monday at 7pm
President: Garfield Towler

114th Precinct

Neighborhoods: Astoria, Long Island City, Woodside, Jackson Heights
Precinct: 34-16 Astoria Boulevard
Phone: 718-626-9311
Meetings: Fourth Tuesday at 7pm
President: Ann Bruno
Queens Borough President’s Office Liaison:

115th Precinct

Neighborhoods: Jackson Heights, East Elmhurst, North Corona
Precinct: 92-15 Northern Boulevard
Phone: 718-533-2002
Meetings: Third Tuesday at 7pm
President: Janice Scurry


Queens’ 14 community boards are comprised of up to 50
volunteer, unsalaried members serving staggered two-year terms. All Queens community board members are appointed by the Queens Borough President, pursuant to the City Charter, with half of the appointments being nominated by the City Councilmembers representing their respective Community Districts.

Community Boards play an important advisory role in considering land use and zoning matters in their respective districts. Each Board holds monthly full membership meetings. The Boards also hold hearings and issue recommendations about the City budget, municipal service delivery and numerous other matters that impact their communities.

Community Board 1

Neighborhoods: Astoria, Old Astoria, Long Island City,
Ditmars, Ravenswood, Steinway, Garden Bay and Woodside
Office: 45-02 Ditmars Blvd., LL Suite 1025, Astoria, NY 11105
Phone: 718-626-1021
Monthly Meetings: Third Tuesday
Chairperson: Marie Torniali
District Manager: Florence Koulouris
QBPO Liaison
: Clare Collins

Общественный совет 2

Neighborhoods: Long Island City, Woodside, Sunnyside and Maspeth
Office: 43-22 50th Street, Suite 2B, Woodside, NY 11377
Phone: 718-533-8773
Monthly Meetings: First Thursday
Chairperson: Danielle Brecker
District Manager: Debra Markell
QBPO Liaison
: Clare Collins

Community Board 3

Neighborhoods: Jackson Heights, East Elmhurst and North Corona
Office: 82-11 37th Avenue, 6th Floor, Jackson Heights, NY 11372
Phone: 718-458-2707
Monthly Meetings: Third Thursday
Chairperson: Frank Taylor
District Manager: Giovanna A. Reid
QBPO Liaison
: Steeven Mendivelso

Community Board 4

Neighborhoods: Elmhurst, Corona and Corona Heights
Office: 46-11 104th Street, Corona, NY 11368
Phone: 718-760-3142
Monthly Meetings: Second Tuesday
Chairperson: Marialena Giampino
District Manager: Christian Cassagnol
QBPO Liaison
: Amparito Rosero

Community Board 5

Neighborhoods: Middle Village, Glendale, Ridgewood and Maspeth
Office: 61-23 Myrtle Avenue, Glendale, NY 11385
Phone: 718-366-1834
Monthly Meetings: Second Wednesday
Chairperson: Vincent Arcuri Jr.
District Manager: Gary Giordano
QBPO Liaison
: Clare Collins

Community Board 6

Neighborhoods: Forest Hills and Rego Park
Office: 104-01 Metropolitan Avenue, Forest Hills, NY 11375
Phone: 718-263-9250
Monthly Meetings: Second Wednesday
Chairperson: Heather Beers-Dimitriadis
District Manager: Frank Gulluscio
QBPO Liaison
: Amparito Rosero

Общественный совет 7

Neighborhoods: Flushing, Bay Terrace, College Point, Whitestone. Malba, Beechhurst, Queensboro Hill, Bayside and Willets Point
Office: 30-50 Whitestone Expressway, Suite 205, Flushing, NY 11354
Phone: 718-359-2800
Monthly Meetings: Second Monday
Chairperson: Eugene T. Kelty, Jr.
District Manager: Marilyn McAndrews
QBPO Liaison
: Georgia Katsalis

Общественный совет 8

Neighborhoods: Fresh Meadows, Hillcrest, Jamaica Estates, Jamaica Hills, Holliswood, Briarwood, Kew Gardens Hills, Flushing South and Utopia
Office: 197-15 Hillside Avenue, Hollis, NY, 11423
Phone: 718-264-7895
Monthly Meetings: Second Wednesday
Chairperson: Martha Taylor
District Manager: Marie Adam-Ovide
QBPO Liaison
: Shubhra Datta

Общественный совет 9

Neighborhoods: Woodhaven, Kew Gardens, Richmond Hill and Ozone Park
Office: Queens Borough Hall, Room 310A, 120-55 Queens Boulevard, Kew Gardens, NY 11424
Phone: 718-286-2686
Monthly Meetings: Second Tuesday
Chairperson: Sherry Algredo
District Manager: James McClelland
QBPO Liaison
: Ariella Davidov

Общественный совет 10

Neighborhoods: Howard Beach, Ozone Park, South Ozone Park, South Richmond Hill, Lindenwood and Rockwood Park
Office: 115-01 Lefferts Boulevard, South Ozone Park, NY 11420
Phone: 718-843-4488
Monthly Meetings: First Thursday
Chairperson: Betty Braton
District Manager: Karyn Petersen
QBPO Liaison
: Georgia Katsalis

Community Board 11

Neighborhoods: Bayside, Douglaston, Little Neck, Auburndale, East Flushing, Oakland Gardens and Hollis Hills
Office: 46-21 Little Neck Parkway, Little Neck, NY 11362
Phone: 718-225-1054
Monthly Meetings: First Monday
Chairperson: Michael Budabin
District Manager: Joseph Marziliano
QBPO Liaison
: Ludy Thenor

Общественный совет 12

Neighborhoods: Jamaica, South Jamaica, Hollis, St. Albans, Springfield Gardens, South Ozone Park and Addesleigh Park
Office: 90-28 161st Street, Jamaica, NY 11432
Phone: 718-658-3308
Monthly Meetings: Third Wednesday
Chairperson: Princess Thorbs-McGee
District Manager: Yvonne Reddick
QBPO Liaison
: Kat Thompson

Community Board 13

Neighborhoods: Queens Village, Glen Oaks, New Hyde Park, Bellerose, Cambria Heights, Laurelton, Rosedale, Floral Park, Springfield Gardens and Bellaire
Office: 219-41 Jamaica Avenue, Queens Village, NY 11428
Phone: 718-464-9700
Monthly Meetings: Fourth Monday
Chairperson: Bryan Block
District Manager: Mark McMillan
QBPO Liaison
: Kahleel Bragg

Community Board 14

Neighborhoods: The Rockaway Peninsula and Broad Channel
Office: 1931 Mott Avenue, Far Rockaway, NY 11691
Phone: 718-471-7300
Monthly Meetings: Second Tuesday
Chairperson: Dolores Orr
District Manager: Jonathan Gaska
QBPO Liaison
: Oluwanisola Olosunde