(June 12, 2022 at 4:45pm)

QUEENS, NY –Queens Borough President Donovan Richards Jr. stated the following in response to today’s announcement of a bipartisan deal in the U.S. Senate to meaningfully address the pandemic of gun violence that has gripped the United States for decades.

“Let’s be clear, this narrow framework announced today, on the sixth anniversary of the Pulse nightclub attack, does not provide for the wholesale, comprehensive change our nation sorely needs when it comes to true gun violence prevention. But in a body like the U.S. Senate, where Republicans have historically demonized attempts to pursue firearms legislation, any deal that will help prevent even one more senseless death is welcome and worthwhile,” said Borough President RICHARDS. “From strengthening background checks for gun buyers under 21 to finally closing the often fatal ‘boyfriend loophole,’ this deal, if passed, will not only save lives, but will represent a tremendous step forward in cracking our country’s gun-crazed culture.

“Here in New York, we know our revolutionary Crisis Management System plays an indescribably important role in preventing gun violence and keeping our families safe. Announced in this framework are ‘major investments’ in support services such as crisis intervention, and I call on New York’s congressional delegation to ensure this legislation ultimately includes a historic amount of federal resources for our city’s cure violence networks,” added Borough President RICHARDS. “Congress should not waste a single second in introducing and passing this legislation, because lives are on the line.”

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