(May 2, 2022 at 10:15pm)

QUEENS, NY –Queens Borough President Donovan Richards Jr. stated the following in response to this evening’s Politico’s publication of a draft upcoming Supreme Court opinion striking down Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision that federally guaranteed the Constitutional right to abortion services.

“The heartless cruelty of this draft ruling is equal parts vicious, hateful, sexist, racist and anti-American. After years of Republican-led efforts to callously limit abortion services in direct violation of Roe v. Wade in states like Texas and Mississippi, tens of millions of people who seek the simple, yet fundamental human right to body autonomy will soon see their own reproductive systems under government control,” said Borough President RICHARDS. “Tonight, I’m thinking of the millions of lower-income communities and communities of color who have historically lacked equitable abortion access and will be hit the hardest by this potential ruling. I’m thinking about the reproductive health advocates who have sounded the alarm about the possibility of this day, and the consequences of making what is often a necessary medical procedure inaccessible and dangerous, only to be scoffed at. For their rights and the rights of all those who believe that what happens with our bodies is our choice and our choice alone, this fight will continue.

“Queens will always unquestionably stand up for the right to choose. We will always advocate for not just protecting, but expanding what we believe is not just a right under the law, but a fundamental human right,” added Borough President RICHARDS. “I urge in the strongest possible terms our city and state leaders to further ensure equitable abortion access within our borders, as well as the Biden Administration and Congress to immediately move to codify the protections Roe v. Wade affords into federal law.”

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