(January 31, 2021 at 1:20pm)

QUEENS, NY – Queens Borough President Donovan Richards stated the following in response to the release of the City’s database of COVID-19 vaccine recipients broken down by race, which revealed Black and Latino New Yorkers are being vaccinated at much lower rates compared to their overall percentage of the City’s population.  

“We understand that overcoming historical mistrust of scientific and medical institutions on the part of communities of color is not an easy goal to achieve, but the deep disparities revealed in the City’s COVID-19 vaccination database are not just unacceptable — they are potentially fatal,” said Borough President RICHARDS. “To guarantee an equitable recovery and rebuild from this pandemic for our historically underserved communities, it is imperative that we involve each and every trusted community-based organization in a truly all-hands-on-deck vaccination effort. That includes community vaccination hubs in neighborhoods of color hardest hit by COVID-19, tireless multilingual grassroots outreach campaigns, and so much more.

“Lives are on the line and we must ensure we do everything humanly possible to address these disparities and find solutions. Every Queens resident, from our elected leaders and public health officials to each of us in our capacity as loved ones, friends and neighbors, have a critical role to play in saving lives and building our borough back better than ever.”

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