QUEENS, NY – The Queens Borough Board voted 12-2-6 this evening to disapprove both the proposed “Zoning for Quality and Affordability” (ZQA) and “Mandatory Inclusionary Housing” (MIH) zoning text amendments. Queens is the first of the five boroughs to vote on the items. The texts of the Queens Borough Board’s recommendations are attached.

Borough President Melinda Katz will issue a separate opinion and recommendation in the coming days. The 14 Queens City Councilmembers abstained from tonight’s vote as they will hold additional City Council hearings and vote in the coming months.

The proposals were prepared by the Department of City Planning (DCP) and were previously the subject of discussion at the October 19 Borough Board meeting and the November 12 Queens Land Use Public Hearing. The proposals have already undergone the public review process by the Community Boards in Queens. The following is a breakdown of each of the 14 Queens Community Boards’ respective votes issued prior to this evening’s Queens Borough Board:

Community Board               Public Meeting/Vote                       MIH                                        ZQA

1                                                   11/10/2015                Approve with conditions         Approve with conditions

2                                                  11/5/2015                Disapprove with conditions     Disapprove with conditions

3                                                  11/12/2015                             Approve                                 Approve

4                                                 11/10/2015                           Disapprove                            Disapprove

5                                                  11/4/2015                            NO VOTE                               Disapprove

6                                                11/12/2015                            Disapprove                             Disapprove

7                                                 11/9/2015                             Disapprove                             Disapprove

8                                                 11/12/2015                           Disapprove                             Disapprove

9                                                 11/10/2015                           Disapprove                             Disapprove

10                                                   N/A                                    NO VOTE                                NO VOTE

11                                                10/5/2015                             Disapprove                           Disapprove

12                                              10/21/2015                             Disapprove                           Disapprove

13                                              10/26/2015                            Disapprove                           Disapprove

14                                              11/10/2015                             Disapprove                           Disapprove

The Queens Borough Board’s evaluation of the proposed amendments is part of a six-month citywide public review process that began in late September as mandated by the City Charter, and includes separate reviews by Community Boards and Borough Presidents, as well as the City Planning Commission around mid-December. The City Council will have the final say as to whether the proposed amendments will be adopted.

About the Borough Board
The Borough Board is chaired by the Borough President under the New York City Charter and comprised of the borough’s City Council members and the chairperson of each Community Board in the borough. The Board focuses on issues dealing with land use, development, public policy, budget, and other important matters with potential borough-wide implications. The Board hears presentations from City officials and others and, as part of the land use review process, is sometimes called upon to vote on land use questions that impact more than one Community Board District.

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