Queens Borough Hall
120-55 Queens Boulevard
One Claire Shulman Way
Kew Gardens, NY

Donovan Richards, Queens Borough President
[email protected] 

Franck D. Joseph II, Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor
[email protected] | 718.286.2872

Rhonda Binda, Deputy Queens Borough President
[email protected] | 718.286.2890

Michael Mallon, Director of Intergovernmental Affairs
[email protected] 

Allan Swisher, General Counsel
[email protected] | 718.286.2880

Sorena Fabre, Director of Scheduling & Advance
[email protected] | 718.286.2871

Leticia Hoyte, Assistant to the Chief of Staff
[email protected] | 718.286.2872

Ludy Thenor, Assistant to the Deputy Borough President
[email protected] | 718.286.2890

Breeana Mulligan, Director of Communications
[email protected] | 718.286.2641

Press Office:
[email protected] | 718.286.2640

Brent Weitzberg, Deputy Chief of Staff
[email protected] | 718.286.2680

Amanda Menichini, Director of Budget
[email protected] | 718.286.2615

Irving Poy, Director of Planning and Development
[email protected] | 718.286.2860

Anayeli Gomez-Brittain, Director of Immigrant Affairs
[email protected] | 718.286.2942

Maricela Cano, Director of Community Boards
[email protected] | 718.286.2669

Katherine Damiani-Brezler, Special Advisor for Strategic Initiatives
[email protected] | 718.286.2784

Brittany Scott, Director of Constituent Services
[email protected] | 718.286.2669

Phil Ballman, Director of Cultural Affairs and Tourism
[email protected] | 718.286.2677

Monica Gutierrez, Director of Education
[email protected] | 718.286.2627

Lisa Atkins, Director of Housing
[email protected] | 718.286.2860

Susie Tanenbaum, Director of Nonprofit Opportunities
[email protected] | 718.286.2741

Aldo Grillo, Director of Information Technology
[email protected] | 718.286.2979

John Bittner, Director of Operations
[email protected] | 718.286.2664

Susanne Marchetti, Director of Personnel
[email protected] | 718.286.2665

Mohammed Sadiq, Director of Topography
[email protected] | 718.286.2930