NOTE: The 2021 Queens General Assembly application period has closed. Stay tuned for announcements on how to serve as a delegate in 2022. 


The Borough President’s Queens General Assembly is a diverse network of community stakeholders committed to uniting as “One Borough.”  Through respectful dialogue, participants dispel misconceptions, forge new relationships, and find common ground on critical social issues.  At monthly meetings and forums, individuals enhance their leadership skills, organizations expand capacity, and groups build coalitions that, in turn, benefit the people of Queens. 

The Borough President and his Queens General Assembly also cosponsor a Hate Crimes Forum with the Queens District Attorney’s Office, which is open to the general public. This year’s Hate Crimes Forum was held on May 25, which can be viewed here

Appointed by the Borough President, delegates on the Queens General Assembly welcome the opportunity to make presentations, facilitate workshops, and engage in dialogue with Queens residents in schools, houses of worship, and other community settings.

To learn more about the Queens General Assembly, contact Susie Tanenbaum at [email protected].


This calendar lists major holidays, celebrations, and observances throughout Queens, the most culturally diverse county in the United States.  It also includes the names of the Queens General Assembly Advisors, Alumni, and 2021 Delegates.  Click here to download the Diversity Calendar.