In April of 2015, the Jamaica NOW Neighborhood Action Plan was launched by former Borough President Katz and Mayor Bill de Blasio. The Jamaica NOW Leadership Council oversees the economic development strategy, which included 26 projects for implementation over a five-year period to advance the revitalization and growth of Jamaica into a thriving residential and commercial neighborhood. The Jamaica NOW Neighborhood Action Plan’s Five-Year Report, released in December 2019, can be found below:

In August of 2016 Downtown Jamaica was one of 10 neighborhoods to earn $10 million in funding during the first round of the New York State Downtown Revitalization Initiative led by Governor Andrew Cuomo. Since then, with the support of the Governor’s Office and a community planning committee, seven projects were identified for development in order to advance the community’s vision for a vibrant Jamaica.  Work on these projects are ongoing and they are at various stage of development. Those seven projects can be found here.